A downloadable game for Windows

ZACH-LIKE is a book of behind-the-scenes design documents from Zachtronics.

The digital version of ZACH-LIKE contains the full contents of the book (in two different PDF layouts), a bunch of terrible games that Zach made before SpaceChem, and some prototypes and early builds of Zachtronics games, both released and... not.

  • Read ZACH-LIKE in its entirety, either in tablet-friendly portrait mode or widescreen-friendly "simulated book" mode!
  • Experiment with omnivators, liquids, robots, and more in an early build of Infinifactory with hideous placeholder art!
  • Grab three friends and four keyboards and conquer the network in Hack the Planet, a game Zach made specifically for a party at his house.
  • Enjoy the entire back catalogue of pre-SpaceChem Zachtronics games, from Gregor Mendel's Pro Botanist to the infamous Infiniminer.

NOTE: Some of the games included with ZACH-LIKE, like Project Typhoon and the early builds of Opus Magnum, require Steam and have not been included in this DRM-free release. You can download them for free on Steam.


ZACH-LIKE (PDF, Simulated Book) 266 MB
ZACH-LIKE (PDF, Standard) 255 MB